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Some of the hardest part over doing a swap is making sure everything works properly after installation.  We have had countless number of customers contact us trying to figure out why their swap doesn't run correctly only to find out the incorrect wiring, sensors, or ECU have been used and not working as it was designed to. Having deep knowledge and thousands of hours of troubleshooting and experience of doing engine swaps, we've created "Turn Key" LS swaps. This way it takes all the compliaction out of the process of doing a swap. All our swaps are tested and ready to install and start!

Of course we can custom order a LS setup of your choosing (LS1, LS2, LS3 etc...) However putting together a custom setup typically requires more time and money for that setup to what our swaps are priced at. We are more than happy to give advice and get a correct setup for your application. 

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Having a background deeply rooted into racing and high performance, we naturally gravitate towards performance orientated cars. However we have many years of experience in everything automotive. Having many years experience in building and tuning LS based engines we have put together LS engine packages by shipping from the USA to Norway as complete "Turn Key" setups, tuning assistance, and installs. 

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